Car Transport Quality and Reliable Auto Transport For Straight Forward Moving

To relocate car from one location to another location is a car carrier services. When you take a services of car carrier from any packers movers or car relocation service provider you should take care some important point before getting the service. Check the Registration of Household Services provide 1. Check they have proper packing material for car carrier services 2. Check they have the proper container to load the ca 3. Before hand over the car to car carrier service provider you should check the meter reading 4. Check transit insurance of your car before hand over the ca When you hand over the car to service provider above point are main consideration because the car is expensive item. You have to take care all things because some time car service providers charge the service of container and they deliver your car by road. Meter reading and tire of your car should check before handed over to Household Services provider. You should hire the car carrier professional because every movers and packers are not professional or not have the expertise in car carrier services. To find the professional car carrier service provider there are many ways. Get Reference from relatives – first you should have to take suggestion from your relatives or ask him past experience of car carrier where they got services of car carrier. Market Reference — Get the reference from the market like ask to your friends or office friend. Internet — today internet is the most popular way to find the any service you required. Just visit the internet and write the key word of service what you need like if you need a car carrier services just write this key word on search engine you will get many result of this related services now you have more option to choose the best service provider. You should visit the particular directory of Packers and movers that will more helpful to find the best service provider because these directories list only those client have the valid registration and good services or you can see the rewiev of the old client on these directories. So you can go with good service provider. To book your car with a packers and movers is a risk work you should ask him about the tracking system of the booking, how you track your consignment after booking, Once you hand over the car to Packers and movers you don’t have any tracking some time they take your car from home They did not deliver on time some time you reached your destination but your vehicle is not reached on your place. If you ask them they said sir your vehicle on the way or some time they did not pick up the ph. You should care full before booking the car carrier services. You can see the rewiev of the old client on these directories. So you can go with good service provider. Taking a car carrier services in India is risk you should work car full to take this service go through whole checking process like weather service provider have the container for loading car or not, valid registration etc.

Limousine Service Perfect For Special Occasions and Corporate Meeting Transport

Whether it’s a corporate meeting or a special occasion, make your presence strongly noticeable with the perfect luxury drive. Limousine Service provides not just a luxury car– it’s a phenomenon that defines you and your aspirations. Regardless of whether you want to welcome your loved ones at the airport, impress your potential or existing clients or simply have a dream wedding in your dream car, the limousine makes for the right choice. The limo ride is simply there to make the occasion one of the best in your lives by adding glamour and uniqueness to the event. Your loved ones don’t need to find directions in a new city anymore. Likewise, your clients do not have to go through the trouble of finding parking space in jam-packed lots, and your bride does not have to feel like “just another woman”. Tell the important people in your lives how special they are and how much they mean to you. With the breathtaking interiors to the dark, full leather interiors, limo services are available to cater for you and your guests at any hour of the day. Make the best of the moments and let those special ones be steered away by your unparalleled aesthetics. Many people confuse limo cars as an unwanted expense, a showcase of dominance. However, luxury cars are not about showing off; in fact, limo rides reflect a sense of love and care, coupled with style and luxury. The ride shows that you are willing to sacrifice some bucks just to see that glint of happiness in your lover’s eyes. Luxury rides are a splendid choice for a number of occasions. Get your corporate client picked up in time from his workplace. Whether it’s a business meeting or a trip, a convention or simply a celebration night with friends, making the right choice of luxury car matters a lot. You can select from a series of chic sedans, breath taking stretches and aspiring buses to suit your needs and the occasion. You can also start the journey of your new life with your partner by having that dream ride to translate your true emotions. Not only this, you can also hire limos for wedding services and enjoy the bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette parties and have additional tours with wedding guests. With the help of these spectacular luxury cars, you can also save your guests from navigating all across the city just to reach your office by hiring the perfect limo driven by the most professional drivers. When you can have the best, then why settle for something lesser? It’s time to show all the special people in your life that how much you care by giving them the ride of their lives. Limo rides are just a click away; whether it’s a discreet ride or a family gathering, there is a dream car available for every occasion. Make the day worthwhile by hiring the top notch limo cars and drivers, and show them how much you care!

Use of Mobile Apps and its Benefits in the Transportation and Logistics Industry

With the development of smart phones and various technologies integrated with them, owners of transportation and logistics companies are also focusing and taking advantage of mobile applications. With over millions of transportation companies dispersed all over the world, it is important that they remain connected to offer a better service to their clients. The market pressure has an increased demand for timely delivery, accurate status, shorter cycle time, lower costs, frequent deliveries and zero tolerance for mistakes. In order to meet all such critical requirements, the companies are turning more to technology solutions.

Most of the mobile application development enables the users to access train, bus and flight schedules from internet accessible phones and these applications are easily available on iPhones and other wireless devices that can give real time updates and help you with the bookings of tickets also. The motive behind implementing the latest mobile app development is to automate the entire process of transportation while following a similar trend of the corporate world.

Delivering the products at the right time and to the right destination requires meticulous monitoring. The tracking of cartons, pallets that are constantly loaded in and out of trains, trucks and even airplanes has to be maintained thoroughly. It is here that mobile applications enable remote access to logistics database that can simplify the task and ensure timely delivery of the products. For drivers, the GSM or the GPRS technology gives them remote access to the database while on road and they can easily find the particular goods in their trucks and update the delivery status. This enables the managers to remain well informed and provide accurate delivery status to the customers.

Paper works always slow down the process and the integration of mobile application development enables the transportation company to eliminate paperwork and maintain accurate data that is the key factor to success. Gone are the days when drivers used to use paper maps to locate a destination. With the latest development in technology and a smart phone in hand, drivers can easily locate the destination and make deliveries more efficiently. Rapid access to detailed information, updated status of delivery information creates more efficient operations and improved client’s services. Successful real time sales benefits from having complete knowledge of your inventory helps you to take decisions on what might be alluring to the customers based on selling trends.

Mobile application development enables people to remain connected and also helps the business to significantly reduce their operating costs. In essence, mobile applications do provide the opportunity to streamline the approach and attain operational efficiency in the transportation industry. Considering technology as means of communication between the customers help in booking loads or tickets, where both agents and the carriers can find easy means to remain connected and updated about the latest schedules and delivery status.

Why is the tiffin service business gaining popularity?

Across the world, catering services have existed for ages. Tiffin services are required in schools, offices and many other institutions where people desire homemade food compared to the fast food served at canteens. For any tiffin service to be successful, it is essential that they cater to the individual needs of the consumer and also be punctual with their delivery schedules. This industry has been around for a long time and it is popular in almost every country in the world. This service normally involves a chef or a team of chefs preparing homemade food for a given number of people. The logistics team of the catering service provider is responsible to ensure that the lunch box is delivered to the correct address, on time. The transport mode selected by the catering service provider will depend on the distance to be covered and also which is the quickest form of transport.

Lunch tiffin services are popular as most people who work in offices prefer eating homemade food as it is not just nutritious but also served to them hot and fresh, being cooked and delivered within a few hours. There are many other reasons why working individuals prefer homemade food compared to fast food served at office canteens. First and foremost, no one can say how hygienic the canteen food is. Also, to make profits, they are known to sell stale food that has been cooked days back. Thus, people are reluctant to eat food from canteens as they doubt whether the food has been prepared in a hygienic manner and whether it is freshly prepared. Apart from working individuals, there are some who have migrated to different cities due to education or work and thus desire to have only homemade, nutritious food. For such people, lunch catering services are a sigh of relief.

Traditional food is liked by one and all. It is not just wholesome but also tasty and nutritious. By eating homemade food, people become less dependent on junk food or fast food. Traditional food has its own taste and flavour which is unmatched by that of junk food or canteen food. Students living in hostels also depend on caterers. Many college and university hostels prepare the meals in unhygienic conditions and also do not use required ingredients needed for sound development of the child. This forces the student to either depend on junk food or look for lunch tiffin providers. Many caterers provide lunch boxes to students and working individuals and have a stable and profitable business in the vicinity. There are some lunch box providers who also provide non-veg food if the student asks for it. Most of the lunch box providers have a wide range of dishes and preparations so students can choose a unique dish for each day of the week.

Light on Longevity

Scientists can create fruit flies that live a 250% longer life span. We are also finding many ways to get old human cells to behave like young ones do. “Unless ye be as little children, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven,” so lets get started on our second childhood, right away. You’ll not only have more fun in your function, you’ll likely enjoy living longer as well…

Attitude: Gratitude. Don’t worry, be happy. A study of 1,500 centenarians found that diets, activity levels, and smoking habits varied widely, but nearly all have a good sense of humor and don’t worry.


Calorie restriction is crucial. The best way to restrict calories is to focus your diet on greens and vegetables and minimize commercial, refined and processed foods, sugars and carbohydrates. Make sure you get an adequate balance of protein, but not an excess. The common American diet contains 4 times the optimal protein. Reduce calories to about two-thirds of what it takes to maintain your normal weight if you are at all overweight. Initial weight loss tapers off as your metabolism adjusts to a lower metabolic rate. Get plenty of antioxidants in your diet to prevent free-radical damage. Occasionally enjoy no sulfite added wines if tolerated and eat lots of berries. See below for specific antioxidant nutrients.

Keep homocysteine low. High levels of homocysteine correlate strongly with most degenerative diseases of aging, especially heart attacks and strokes. You can check your homocysteine level with a blood test if you want. You can lower homocysteine by eating raw fresh organic dark leafy greens and taking methyl donors, the most commonly deficient vitamin group on commercial food diets.

Avoid sugar and minimize grains.


Resveratrol from grapes (Vitis vinifera) or giant knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum) extends the life of yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) cells by 70% via a niacin-dependent enzyme, Sir2. Humans have a homologous enzyme SIRT1, a deacetylase. Resveratrol works synergistically with Quercetin (water soluble Quercetin is best absorbed). Resveratrol is found in wine, with white wine containing only about 10% of red’s 200 to 5,000 mcg per glass.

Polygonum multiflorum (Fo ti, Ho Shou Wu, Japanese knotweed) and Centella asiatica (gotu kola) are thought to extend longevity. Polygonum multiflorum is said to contain Vitamin X. Pharmacology studies show that an extract improves the cardiovascular system, enhances immune functions, slows degeneration of glands, increases antioxidant activity, and reduces the accumulation of lipid peroxidation.

Chen Keji and Zhang Wenpeng, Advances on antiaging herbal medicines in China , Abstracts of Chinese Medicine 1987; 1(2): 309-330.

Processed Polygonum multiflorum affects the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD), accumulation of lipid peroxidase, and enhances cellular immunity, while unprocessed herb is much less effective.

Ye Dingjiang, et al., Immunopharmacological studies of ho-shou-wu and its preparations , 1987 Bulletin of Chinese Materia Medica 12(3): 21-24.

Pan Hongping, Wang Hong, and He Tingcai, Processed root tuber of Polygonum multiflorum on SOD and LPO levels in mice , China Journal of Chinese Materia Medica 1993; 18(6): 344.

Among the Chinese herbal prescriptions tested and shown useful for lowering the risk factors associated with aging and death, were (15):
Shou Xing Bu Zhi: with main components ho-shou-wu, dioscorea, rehmannia, codonopsis (or ginseng)

Essence Restoring Decoction: with main components ho-shou-wu, rehmannia, cuscuta, astragalus, achyranthes, and cynomorium.
Rejuvenating Decoction: with main ingredients ho-shou-wu, astragalus, and salvia.

Other antiaging botanicals studied extensively include:

Panax quinquifolia (ginseng)
Astragalus (astragalus)
(dong quai, tang-kuei)
Eleutherococcus senticosus (Siberian ginseng, eleuthero ginseng)
polygonatum (huangjing).
Avoid conventional medicine: Mortality rates are 2 to 5% higher in regions that spend more on conventional medicine, comparing areas with the same level of health. Every time physicians and surgeons go on strike, the death rate drops, until they go back to work. This has been documented in Israel, California, South America and elsewhere.

Gerovital: GH3: Ana Aslan’s clinic in Romania has treated tens of thousands of people by injection. Drug-free GH3 is now available in oral form.

Live Fetal Lamb Cells: over 50,000 patients have been treated at Clinic La Prairie in Switzerland with fresh fetal lamb cell injections.


M-state minerals: Human blood typically lives only about 10 minutes out of the body, but in rare cases stays alive for hours or even days. One alchemist and his partner found their blood stayed alive for three days after years of ingesting m-state minerals. This effect is only found in one out of thousands of samples, usually in those with strong spirituality.


Vitamin C: supplementation of at least 750 to 1,000 mg twice a day is recommended. Consider fat soluble vitamin C (Ascorbyl Palmitate) which is a form of the antioxidant that gets into the cell membranes that are highly sensitive to oxidation, and Ester C, which gets into the cytoplasm twice as well as ascorbic acid and stays in the cells twice as long.

CoQ10: protects against heart disease. Having a high CoQ10 level and a low homocysteine level keeps you out of the Emergency Room. Consider taking 100 mg of CoQ10 daily if you are in Phase 1 or have a high heart risk. Blood levels can be monitored if necessary.

L-Carnosine: Physiological concentrations (20-30 micromoles) in standard media prolong the in-vitro life span of human fibroblast cells and strongly reduce the normal features of senescence (aging). In laboratory studies, carnosine clearly improves external appearance of animals and produces beneficial effects on behavior and average life span. Benefits include:

most effective natural glycation fighter
protects proteins from AGE toxicity
extends lifespan 20 % in senescence-accelerated mice
dramatically improves behavior and appearance of old mice
rejuvenates senescent human cells in culture
increases cell life span
restores youthful appearance and growth patterns to cells approaching senescence
Alpha Lipoic Acid & Acetyl L-Carnitine:

Age-Related Mitochondrial Decay Increases Oxidative Stress in the Aging Rat Heart: Improvement by Acetylcarnitine and/or (R)-A-Lipoic Acid
T.M. Hagen and R. Moreau
Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics and the Linus Pauling Institute, Oregon State University

Mitochondria are critical to cell function. They are the site of energy production for the cell and play a critical role in cellular calcium balance. They also serve as a “gatekeeper” for apoptosis (self-induced cell death). Mitochondria are both the source and the target of reactive oxygen species, which induce oxidative damage leading to energy deficits, metabolic upset, and ultimately cell death.

We compared mitochondrial function in isolated heart, liver and brain cells of young and old rats. Energy production and electron transport efficiency was decreased in the cells from the old animals. Cardiolipin, a substance needed for proper mitochondrial function, was reduced by 52% in the old rats. A similar decrease occurred in ubiquinone, an important component of mitochondrial energy production. The older rats also had decreased concentrations of carnitine, a substance that transports fatty acids into the mitochondria for energy production.

We evaluated the antioxidant status of the liver and heart cells. Total cell glutathione level in the old rats was reduced by about 40% compared to the levels in younger rats. Mitochondrial glutathione was reduced by 79% in the old rats, possibly due to additional oxidative stress with age. The ascorbate (vitamin C) content of both the heart and liver cells from the old rats was reduced by half in the older rats. This may indicate an increased rate of ascorbate utilization or a decreased rate of uptake. Iron content was significantly increased in the brain cells from the old rats. These age-related changes in antioxidant status and iron content create a favorable environment for production of dangerous free radicals.

Acetylcarnitine is a naturally-occurring compound used to shuttle fatty acids to the mitochondria, where they are converted to energy. It may also increase neurotransmitter levels, such as acetylcholine.

To test whether acetylcarnitine supplementation improved mitochondrial function in old rats, we fed an acetylcarnitine-supplemented diet to young and old rats. Acetylcarnitine caused certain mitochondrial membrane properties in the old animals to improve to the level observed in young animals. Supplementation also increased or restored the cardiolipin content in liver cells obtained from old rats, but did not restore cell ascorbate content.

Lipoic acid is another naturally-occurring antioxidant compound that stimulates production of glutathione. It is considered to be a better antioxidant capabilities than even ascorbate.

To test the effect of lipoic acid on aging, we fed a lipoic acid-supplemented diet to young and old rats for two weeks. In the old animals, supplementation reversed the age-related decrease in ascorbate content in heart and liver cells. It also improved the ascorbate content in the cells from the young animals. Lipoic acid supplementation also reversed the accumulation of iron in the brain cells of the old animals.

In conclusion, we found that aging impaired mitochondrial and cellular function of liver, heart and brain cells. The results of our dietary studies indicate that supplementation with acetylcarnitine and lipoic acid may retard or reverse this impairment.

This research was supported by the National Institute of Aging.

2-AEP is a component of the outer cell membrane.


Many hormone levels decline with aging. In some instances hormone replacement therapy may be quite beneficial, especially when combined with individual detoxification, nutrition and regeneration support. Some of the important anti-aging hormones are:

7-Keto repletes hypoadrenal states without directly increasing sex hormone levels.

DHEA is the precursor of many hormones, including progesterone.

Estrogen replacement therapy is not generally recommended by most holistic practitioners. When needed, natural forms such as Triest are most biocompatible. Phytoestrogens are often a better choice for therapy.

HGH: In 1990, Dr. Daniel Rudman published his human growth hormone research studies on the effects of longevity and life extension with Hgh in the New England Journal of Medicine. Six months of HGH injections reversed the aging process between 10 and 20 years. Now HGH is available in oral homeopathic forms. Growth hormone can directly reverse some aging effects, improve muscle strength and mass, reduce wrinkles and sagging skin, and decrease joint pain and inflammation. Consider supplementing HGH, or boosting levels with releasers.

Pregnenolone is the precursor of DHEA.

Progesterone is often used as a cream, but is also available as oral drops in a base of Vitamin E for better absorption.


Physical activity can prevent or delay the onset of hypertension, obesity, heart disease, falls, and osteoporosis. Rebound exercise is the most efficient and gentle exercise for every cell in the body.

Awaken Your Kundalini in 3 Easy Steps

Many people want to know how to awaken the Kundalini. And as there are techniques for Kundalini Awakening, most of the techniques are kept secret by masters until the student is ready to receive them.

Here is a very powerful technique for Kundalini Awakening based on a Kriya Yoga technique. This technique will not only awaken the Kundalini energy, moving you towards spiritual enlightenment, it also can improve your health and remove all stress and unhappiness in your life.

This Kriya Technique for Kundalini Awakening is probably one of the easiest ways to enter a blissful state of meditation. It is what would be termed a “purifying technique” as it will purify the energy channels of your body allowing more energy or Shakti to move through.

I will explain the technique in three parts:

The first part of this technique for kundalini awakening is to focus your breath starting at the base of your spine all the way up your spine and out of the top of your head. Do this for the inhale. As you inhale move your focus from the base of your spine, up the spine and out of the top of your head as though your are “breathing up” the energy.

You do not need to imagine anything. This is not about imagination but focus. Focus your breath to move up the spine and out the top of your head.

And the focus should be relaxed. You are not to force anything. You are simply gently suggesting the energy to move in this direction. So do focus the energy up but allow the kundalini energy to move on it’s own without force.

It may seem quite strange to focus your breath where your breath does not go but it is very effective. Breath is energy, “prana.” And simply by focusing the breath in a certain area, the energy moves to that area.

After practicing this for a while, you will start to feel the energy rising. The sensations will be subtle at first but over time can become very blissful. It can almost feel like an orgasm, a rush of bliss moving up your spine.

The second part of this technique for kundalini awakening is it to move the breath down your front as you exhale.

As you exhale, move the breath from the top of your head to the third eye, (located between your eyebrows) then to your throat and then to your heart chakra, located at the center of your chest.

Stop the breath at the center of your chest. And then again, inhale from the base of your spine, repeating the process above.

The third part of this technique for kundalini awakening is to awaken the energy. Because an enlightened teacher would not give this technique without initiating you into this technique. This calls for the teacher to give you shaktipat, to actually awaken your kundalini by touch, chanting or simply by focusing their energy on you.

So to awaken this energy yourself, there is an easy technique but a very important one. And that is to silently repeat the name of an enlightened teacher, Guru or Saint that you feel connected to whether you have met them or not. If you are of a particular religion, you can repeat the name of a saint of that religion. Otherwise, choose an enlightened teacher who you admire.

You can repeat the name as you inhale, and repeat the name as you exhale. The reason for this is that you take on the Shakti (energy) of what you focus on. So simply by repeating the name of an enlightened Guru or Saint, you take on their energy, their state of bliss. This technique is thousands of years old and is still used today because it is so effective.